1st place

2200 points



Challenge Category Value Time
cookin the ramen Crypto 50
Tag, You're It! Audio/Radio 100
Third Eye Audio/Radio 75
Just A Comment Fwn (Forensics/Web/Network) 50
Crack IFS Fwn (Forensics/Web/Network) 100
Moses Audio/Radio 175
Baby's First Modulation Audio/Radio 50
Dr. Hrabowski's Great Adventure Fwn (Forensics/Web/Network) 150
Photo Album Fwn (Forensics/Web/Network) 150
Toilet Humor 5 Misc 50
The Rain in Spain Misc 100
Deserted Island Toolkit Audio/Radio 150
Identifications Misc 125
The Obligatory RSA Challenge Crypto 200
These Ladies Paved Your Way Fwn (Forensics/Web/Network) 150
Drain Gang Misc 50
Really Secure Algorithm Crypto 150
Phriedman Systems Fwn (Forensics/Web/Network) 150
Two Truths and a Fib Misc 100
No Step On Snek Pwn 75